Storytelling with XTATX
We've begun the story for you, in notebooks left around public spaces. It's up to the person who finds it to carry it on. Participants are invited to write as much or as little as they wish before passing it along. They can do this by leaving it somewhere public, or sharing it with a friend.

Once the story/notebook reaches it's end, please get in touch to arrange for the recovery of the notebook.

The team at XTATX would like to share the communal stories created. Someone's input is automatically anonymous. However, if a participant would like to be credited, please get in touch so we can share your name for the final project. 

We would love to hear where you may have found the notebook. Get in touch to let us know. If you would like a notebook placed in your local area, please also get in touch and we can arrange delivery.

In collaboration with Ali Chappell-Bates.

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