impact-driven communications strategy & production to engage audiences with important causes and unique offerings.
on one side we have the strategy, on the other we have the unique visual aesthetics.
Through effective strategy and design, value-driven brand identity, curating campaigns and mapping the journey for impact, we also provide the tools for implementation: graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, videography, video editing, sound design, & event production.

there are many solutions that exist out there in answer to our world's problems.
We platform and support those initiatives which may exist already,  or are in the process of development, which seek to improve lives, eliminate injustice, in conjuction with our natural world.
for who? 
we support the makers, creators and doers seeking to build and support better models in life and society.
The impact entrepreneurs and organisations driving change at a local, national, global and/or policy level.
We amplify their ambitiousness and expand their potential.
by who?
XTATX is a run by a dynamic duo and an extended network of specialists in their field.
Overseen by director Martine Stephen - a communications strategist, impact Engagement consultant, producer & filmmaker - the team's second half is brought by creative director ellwood-leo SPafford's stunning ability to produce unique mixed-media pieces.

Martine ingrid stephen
company director
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ellwood-leo spafford
creative director

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“Sometimes, the only cost to experience an ecstatic moment is a decision.”
― Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana

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